Alternate Character Toolbar Tutorials

The GACE® program offers computer-delivered language assessments with sections that require you to enter written responses on the computer:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

An alternate character toolbar for inputting accents and alternate characters is built into the tests, specific to the language being tested.

The tutorials below let you practice using the toolbar for each language. If you are taking any of these tests, you are strongly encouraged to view the appropriate tutorial and practice using the toolbar before the day of your test.

Choose the appropriate link below to launch the tutorial for the language in which you will be testing. You will be presented with a blank area to practice typing and inserting alternate characters and accents in that language. The toolbar may be repositioned anywhere on the screen. You may type anything you like; your response will not be saved. For example, you may answer the question "Why are you taking this test?" When you are finished, choose Exit to close the tutorial.

Note: To run these tutorials, you need Internet Explorer and Java Runtime Environment version 8u281 or higher installed. You can download Java Runtime Environment for free from the Java website. To avoid issues with the download, be sure to uninstall all Java versions in your system and reboot your computer before downloading the latest version.

When you select any of the tutorial links above, a security prompt asks you to allow the program to run. This is normal. These toolbar tutorials run the same version of Java that is on the actual tests to ensure that the tutorials accurately reflect the testing experience. When the prompt appears, click Allow.

Additionally, if your security settings are set very high, a second security prompt asks you to run the application. Again, this is not unique to these tutorials. When this prompt appears, click Run.

If you are unsure if your computer has Java Runtime Environment version 1.8.66, navigate to Start/Control Panel/Java. From the Java Control Panel popup window, select the Java tab, then the View button. The Java Runtime Environments Setting window displays the currently installed versions of Java.


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