Online Calculator Tutorial

An online calculator is part of the testing software for GACE® assessments that require the use of a graphing or scientific calculator. Free tutorials are available so you can practice using these calculators prior to taking an assessment.

The following tests include the use of an online calculator:

  • Mathematics Test I (022) — graphing calculator
  • Mathematics Test II (023) — graphing calculator
  • Mathematics Combined Test I & II (522) — graphing calculator
  • Middle Grades Mathematics (013) — graphing calculator
  • Special Education Mathematics and Science (088) — scientific calculator

Click on the link below to navigate to an external site where you can download the graphing and scientific calculator tutorials.

Four-function Online Calculator

The GACE Program Admission – Mathematics test (211) and the Program Admission – Combined test (710) both have a four-function calculator built into the testing software. Here are some helpful tips for using the four-function online calculator:

  • Most of the questions requiring the use of the four-function online calculator don't require difficult computations, so don't use the calculator just because it's available.
  • Use it for calculations that you know are tedious, such as long division; square roots; and addition, subtraction, or multiplication of numbers that have several digits.
  • Avoid using it for simple computations that are quicker to do mentally, such as ten minus four hundred ninety open parenthesis four close parenthesis open parenthesis seventy close parenthesis four thousand three hundred over ten square root of twenty five and thirty power two
  • Avoid using it to introduce decimals if you are asked to give an answer as a fraction.
  • Some questions can be answered more quickly by reasoning and estimating than by using the calculator.
  • If you use the calculator, estimate the answer beforehand so you can determine whether the calculator's answer is "in the ballpark." This may help you avoid key-entry errors.

Find out more about using the Four-Function Onscreen Calculator.


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