GACE® Teacher Leadership Assessment Registration and Submission

View instructions for how to register, choosing your submission window, and submitting task responses and artifacts.


See the registration dates and submission windows for the GACE Teacher Leadership assessment. Be sure to register early enough to allow yourself plenty of time to complete the assessment.

Registration for the GACE® Teacher Leadership assessment is a five-step process:

  1. Create or update your MyPSC account on the GaPSC website.
  2. The GaPSC sends your profile and eligibility information to ETS.
  3. An ETS Customer Service Representative creates a testing account for you in the Teacher Leadership registration system (it is not the same registration system used for other GACE assessments) and notifies you via email when it is complete. The email contains your login credentials for the Teacher Leadership registration system.
  4. Access your testing account in the Teacher Leadership registration system and register for the assessment.
  5. Once you have completed your registration, you are provided with access to the online submission system.

See the Teacher Leadership Registration Quick Reference Guide for more detailed instructions.

Choosing Your Submission Window

When you register for the assessment, you are required to select a submission window. Choose a submission window that gives you plenty of time to complete the assessment. See Dates and Deadlines. If you select a submission window and then decide to change to a later one, you are subject to a $50 rescheduling fee.

Submitting Task Responses and Artifacts

Each task contains a number of steps, which vary across tasks. The steps are displayed in numbered textboxes in the Teacher Leadership submission system. Some steps of a task may contain multiple activities, and this is reflected by multiple textboxes. You compose and enter your responses directly into these textboxes. Task responses can be entered one at a time or simultaneously. If you have been working on your responses outside of the submission system, using a Microsoft® Word document for example, use the copy and paste functions on your computer to import text from the document into the applicable textbox. Your written commentary must be entered in the applicable textboxes. Inclusion of written commentary as an artifact or document is not acceptable.

Important Note: When pasting text into the textbox from another source, select the "Paste as plain text" instead of "Paste" with your mouse.

When you submit a task response for scoring, it must be complete and include all required artifacts. All artifacts must be uploaded into the Teacher Leadership submission system and linked to the textbox where required.

Note that appropriate artifact file types include doc, pdf, ppt, xls, docx, pptx, xlsx, rtf, jpeg, png, or txt. Files must not exceed 1 MB. Artifact file names can include letters, numbers, and other characters such as periods, underscores, hyphens, square brackets, and parentheses (rtf files from a Macbook® will not upload correctly). Artifact files should not contain links to third-party sites. Raters will not go to a third-party site to retrieve your artifact.

All tasks and artifacts must be submitted by the same deadline date. See Dates and Deadlines.

Working in Multiple Browsers May Affect Data Integrity

When working in the submission system, work in only one browser window of the submission system. Multiple browser windows open in the submission system may result in loss or change to data especially when the autosave process runs in all open windows.

Rescheduling Your Submission Window

If you select a submission window and then decide to change to a later one, you are subject to a $50 rescheduling fee.

You can reschedule the initial submission window if the registration deadline for the initial window has not passed and the new submission window registration is open. Resubmission registrations cannot be rescheduled. Note that the registration window closes earlier than the submission window.

Important: Written commentary from the original submission window will not transfer automatically to the new submission window. If you reschedule, you are required to complete each textbox again. All tasks and artifacts must be submitted by the same deadline date.

Resubmitting a Task

If you do not pass the assessment, you are allowed to resubmit any or all of the six tasks. There is a $75 resubmission fee for each task you choose to resubmit.

You are allowed to resubmit two additional times to attempt to receive a passing score. Tasks may be resubmitted in the resubmission window immediately following the original submission window, or you may wait until the next window. The two-resubmission limit still applies. If you do not resubmit within this timeframe, you have to register and pay to retake the assessment. See Dates and Deadlines for resubmission windows.

Resubmission task(s) are completely separate responses from what you previously submitted. When scoring resubmitted tasks, raters are not allowed to see your previous submission.

During resubmission, you begin with blank textboxes. Make sure to:

  • enter and submit the entire task response, as if you are submitting it for the first time
  • enter the written commentary in all textboxes
  • link the artifacts to the written commentary where required
  • secure and retain permission forms if not already obtained
  • respond to the prompts and activities for all steps, not just the steps where you scored low

System Maintenance Windows

Several times during the year, ETS schedules downtimes where maintenance work is performed on ETS systems. The scheduled system downtimes that will impact your access to the registration and task submission system are listed below. The specific timeframe for each of the outages will be posted on your account before the outage. Plan your work in the system accordingly.

Remember, you can prepare task responses, artifacts and video files outside the system independent of these outages.

Scheduled System Outages

  • Sunday, July 14, 2024
  • Sunday, August 18, 2024
  • Sunday, October 20, 2024
  • Sunday, January 12, 2025
  • Sunday, February 9, 2025
  • Sunday, April 13, 2025
  • Sunday, August 17, 2025

Helpful Tips

  • Read all of the requirements and guiding prompts requested in each task, and make sure you are not omitting any details in your response.
  • Ensure any artifacts being submitted are relevant and clear, and properly illustrate what is being requested in the task they are associated with.
  • Save your work frequently when you are working in the submission system; any work you do not save may be lost if your session times out. If you are idle for 17 minutes or more while you are logged into the online submission system, the system will time out.

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