Collecting Artifacts for the GACE® Teacher Leadership Assessment


You must accompany your written response for each task in the GACE® Teacher Leadership assessment with an artifact or artifacts. The purpose of the artifact is to further illustrate how you demonstrated the skills required for the task, and it needs to be cohesive with what you have written.

Helpful Tips

  • Read the requirements for each artifact before submitting. This may seem simple, but each task in the assessment may have different requirements for the artifact(s) needed to accompany the written response. For this reason, make sure your artifact(s) meet the specific requirements for that task before uploading them into the submission system.
  • Make sure the artifact you submit corresponds with your response to the task’s activity and guiding prompts. Any artifact(s) that you include with your written response for a task needs to have a clear connection within your written commentary. For example, if your artifact is a testimony from a colleague about how you demonstrated a particular skill, make sure you talk about that specific skill and how you used it in your work with colleagues. Or, if your artifact asks you to document an adult-learning strategy that you used with colleagues, make sure you describe how that particular strategy fostered your colleagues’ abilities, skills and achievements to promote collegiality and improve instruction and student learning. Your artifact must have a direct connection in supporting the activity being described.
  • Make sure the artifact files do not contain links to third-party sites. Raters will not go to a third-party site to retrieve your artifact.
  • Make sure the artifact files are not blurry, illegible or do not contain images that are too small to read. Blurry or illegible artifacts may result in a score of zero if the rater is unable to read the artifact.
  • Ensure you have successfully attached each artifact. Instructions are available in the online submission system to guide you through the steps to correctly upload and attach your artifact(s) to your submission.
  • Be sure that you have obtained signed permission forms for the use of any documentation or feedback you submit as an artifact that is not created solely by you. Permission forms are required for each person whose documentation or feedback you are submitting as part of your assessment. Download permission forms.

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