Test Equivalency

Is the Test Equivalent to Two Years of College Study?

The two alternatives to passing the GACE® Paraprofessional assessment are an Associate of Arts degree (or higher) or two years of college. Does this mean that the test is the equivalent of two years of college study? Certainly students learn and experience much more in college than is reflected on any one assessment, so no single assessment is the equivalent of two years of college study. However, the Paraprofessional assessment is consistent with the levels of reading, writing, and math knowledge that most students receive in their second year of postsecondary education.

Is a Passing Score Equivalent to a Passing Score on the GACE® Program Admission Assessment?

No. The two tests measure different aspects of reading, writing, and math content knowledge.

  • The GACE Paraprofessional assessment specifically addresses the readiness of paraprofessionals to assist in content instruction.
  • The GACE Program Admission assessment specifically addresses the content-readiness of prospective teachers.

As such, the content on the GACE Program Admission assessment is far more extensive.