Test Site Requirements

Test Site Specifications

Your test site and any room(s) that are used to administer the GACE® Paraprofessional assessment will need to adhere to specific guidelines outlined in the Test Administrator's Manual. You will be able to view the Manual when you apply to become a test center.

Test Site Policies and Procedures

You will need to fully understand the policies and procedures that must be enforced on test day, such as the cell phone policy and ID document requirements, and procedures for checking in test takers on the day of the test. These policies are also outlined in the Manual.

Administrative Requirements

To administer the GACE Paraprofessional assessment, you must have:

  • administrative privileges on each computer's operating system that allow you to install 40MB of software onto available disk space on your hard drive
  • permission to download files via the Internet from the Paraprofessional assessment website
  • enough time to complete the download (it could take a few minutes or more than a half hour depending on your Internet connection speed)

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Feature Minimum Specification
Central Processing Unit (CPU) Processor — Pentium IV 1.8 GHz (or higher), iMac 2.5GHz or higher
Operating System Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit), Mac OSX v10.6 (snow leopard)
Monitor 15 inch (800x600 resolution)
Hard Drive Space 40 MB
Internet Connection Minimum 10 MBPS
Audio Not required
Printer Laser Jet or Inkjet
Internet Browser Microsoft® Edge (Chromium), Google Chrome, Safari® (for Mac) and Mozilla Firefox® (latest version)
Java Version 1.8 or higher

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