About the GACE® Paraprofessional Assessment

The GACE® Paraprofessional assessment measures the skills and knowledge in reading, writing, and math possessed by prospective and practicing paraprofessionals. It also measures their ability to apply those skills and knowledge when assisting in classroom instruction. The GACE Paraprofessional assessment has 90 selected-response questions, approximately two-thirds of which focus on basic skills and knowledge. The remaining one-third focuses on applying skills in the classroom. Learn more about the test content.

The assessment is administered by appointment in participating school districts, Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs), and other agencies, and is given in a computer-delivered format.

What Is Required to Administer the GACE Paraprofessional Assessment?

You must first apply to become a test administrator and be approved by ETS before you can administer the GACE Paraprofessional assessment.

You must ensure that you, your assistants, and your test site all adhere to the requirements set forth in the Test Administrator's Manual and meet all of ETS’s standards to ensure test security and a satisfactory test-taker experience.

See Test Site Requirements for more details.

How Do I Become a Test Administrator?

To become a test administrator for the GACE Paraprofessional assessment, you must fill out an application. Your application will be reviewed by ETS to determine whether you and your testing facility meet the qualifications required to administer the GACE Paraprofessional assessment.

Apply to be a test administrator now.


Be a Part of Test Development Committees

Learn how to nominate a colleague or apply for consideration to be a part of one of three GACE test development committees.