Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment

Prepare for the Georgia Ethics Assessments

Here are some resources and tips that may help you complete the Georgia Ethics assessments.

GaPSC Resources

Before you take an assessment, visit the Ethics section of the GaPSC website and review the information and resources that are offered. You can also check your knowledge of the Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators by taking the Educator Ethics Knowledge Quiz.

Registration Bulletin

The GACE® Registration Bulletin is a free publication for test takers that contains program policies, tests offered, test dates, registration information, fees, score reporting information, and more.

Download the 2023–24 GACE® Registration Bulletin.

How to Register for the Georgia Ethics Assessment

Before you register for the assessment, review the Georgia Ethics Registration Guide to find out the information you will need to have for registering, along with the process for registering for the assessment.

Tips for Taking a Georgia Ethics Assessment

  • Make sure that your computer or tablet meets the minimum hardware requirements for taking the assessment and has Internet access.
  • Make note of the username and password that you create during registration.
  • Understand the purpose of the assessment. This assessment is designed to both teach and assess your knowledge and skills in understanding areas of the Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators. It is also intended to guide ethical behaviors and decision making.
  • Pace yourself. This is not a timed assessment; you may complete it at your own pace and at your own convenience.
  • Pay careful attention to the feedback. Each of the learning activities and games in the modules includes feedback. The concepts and topics covered in the feedback are important to passing the end-of-module tests.
  • Review the resources. Each module includes multiple resource documents in addition to the interactive activities. These resources are tools that are not only helpful for the end-of-module tests, but will also be of value in the classroom.