GACE® Bulletin and Reference Documents

Registration Bulletin

The GACE® Registration Bulletin is a free publication that contains:

  • Updated program policies
  • Contact information
  • Tests offered
  • Test dates
  • Registration information, steps, and deadlines
  • Fees and payment policies
  • Identification (ID) requirements
  • Test center procedures
  • Score reporting information

Download the 2023–24 GACE® Registration Bulletin.

The GACE Registration Bulletin is updated throughout the year if program policies change.

GACE® Registration Quick-Reference Guide

The GACE® Registration Quick-Reference Guide provides step-by-step instructions with accompanying images of the GACE online registration system. This guide is intended to be used as a helpful tool when candidates are registering to take a GACE test.

Understanding Your GACE® Scores

Understanding Your GACE® Scores includes information about how GACE assessments are scored, explanations of score scales used by raters, and answers to frequently asked questions about GACE score reports and scoring policies.

If you would like additional information about the GACE assessments, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.


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