Frequently Asked Questions About the GACE® Assessments

Do all educator certification candidates in the state of Georgia need to take a GACE® assessment to become certified?

Yes. The GACE® assessments are required for educator certification in the state of Georgia. Other states may use similar assessments for educator certification, based on the applicable state and federal regulations in that state.

Who creates the GACE assessments?

The GACE assessments are the result of a collaboration between trained ETS assessment developers and experienced Georgia educators and educator preparation faculty members who serve on the GACE test development, bias review, and standard setting committees. These committees are composed of Georgia educators, educator preparation faculty, and other content and assessment specialists, including individuals from school systems, local schools, institutions of higher education (public and private), and other stakeholders.

What do the GACE content assessments measure?

The GACE program includes content-specific assessments. These tests measure whether a prospective educator's specific content skills and knowledge meet the minimum requirements necessary for certification in the state of Georgia.

What types of questions are on these tests?

Most GACE assessments feature objective items (selected-response questions) that measure both breadth and depth of knowledge. Some assessments may also include constructed-response (written) assignments.

A number of tests include interactive types of selected-response questions. These questions take advantage of technology to assess knowledge and skills that go beyond what can be assessed using standard single-selection selected-response questions.

What is the test content based on?

Test content is based on the content specifications for the assessment. These specifications are aligned with state and national standards for educator preparation and with state standards for the P–12 student curriculum — the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS).

What steps does ETS take to design tests that are valid and fair?

ETS uses a validation process that is consistent with the technical guidelines in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, 2014). Central to the process is the connection between the content of a test and the knowledge and skills judged important for entry-level practice.

Additionally, the content of every test is reviewed by a Bias Review Committee comprised of Georgia educators and teacher educators who ensure each test question is inclusive and free of any stereotypes. Learn more about fairness and validity.

How does a test taker know which test to take?

Test takers can review Georgia Certification Fields and Required GACE Assessments.The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) website also provides a list of tests offered and explains state requirements for each certification area. Candidates can visit the GaPSC website for more information about specific tests and requirements.


Help Develop GACE Assessments

Georgia educators and faculty members are needed to help develop new content and leadership assessments for GACE.
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