Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment

Preparing Candidates for the Georgia Ethics Assessments

As a program provider, one of the roles you will play is to help candidates prepare to take the Georgia Ethics assessments. Below are some resources that you can use to assist candidates in familiarizing themselves with the test content, the registration process, and taking the test.


The assessment consists of seven interactive modules. Five of the modules include an end-of-module test with immediate feedback. The Program Exit level of the Georgia Ethics assessments also includes an end-of-course, or summative, test.

Eligibility and Registration

There are no specific testing dates or testing windows for this assessment, but candidates must confirm their eligibility to test before they can register.

After candidates create or update their MyPSC account on the GaPSC website and indicate their reason for testing, their profile and eligibility information will be sent to ETS. ETS will then send the candidate an email that includes a link to the Georgia Ethics assessment system where they can register to take the assessment. Learn more about how candidates register for the Georgia Ethics assessments.


ETS offers vouchers for program providers that wish to pay the Georgia Ethics assessments’ test fees on behalf of candidates. Participating program providers can order vouchers which they then distribute directly to their candidates. Vouchers are associated to your program and are valid only during the testing year in which they are ordered. Each voucher covers a single test fee.

Program providers wishing to purchase vouchers can do so by sending a request to with the subject line Georgia Ethics Assessments – Voucher Request.

Test Preparation Resources

This assessment is a training program that offers a “learn-by-doing” approach around true-to-life scenarios. Learning modules are followed by end-of-module tests related to what candidates learn in the modules.

Because this assessment is so different from other GACE® assessments, the typical preparation resources, such as Study Companions and Interactive Practice Tests, don’t apply. You can encourage your teacher and educational leadership candidates to visit the Ethics section of the GaPSC website and review the free information and resources that are offered there. They can also check their knowledge of the Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators by taking the Educator Ethics Knowledge Quiz.


You can distribute the Georgia Ethics Assessments flyer to your candidates. The flyer gives a brief overview of the assessment and answers questions that they may have about the assessment, registration, taking the assessment and scores.

Download the Georgia Ethics Assessments flyer for Candidates.

There is also a flyer for program providers that provides clarification about eligibility, registration, and data availability.

Download the Georgia Ethics Assessments Flyer for Program Providers.

Registration Bulletin

The GACE Registration Bulletin is a free publication for test takers that contains program policies, tests offered, test dates, registration information, fees, score reporting information, and more.

Download the 2019–20 GACE® Registration Bulletin.

Taking the Assessment

Candidates access the assessment virtually, by logging into a secure web service and completing the modules online. Modules are not timed and can be completed at the candidates' own pace and across multiple days. If candidates decide to take the assessment over a period of time, they will be able to pick up right where they left off when they log back in to the system. Candidates must complete each module and the end-of-module test (where applicable) before moving on to the next module.

Program Entry candidates have two attempts to complete each end-of-module test. If candidates do not successfully complete each test by the second attempt, they will be permitted to move on to the next module and their status will be reported to their designated score recipients.

Program Exit candidates have five attempts to pass each end-of-module test. If passing status is not achieved by the fifth attempt, the candidate’s access to the Georgia Ethics assessment system will be revoked. To regain access, the candidate will need to pay another test fee.

For more information, including minimum hardware requirements, see how candidates take the assessment.

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