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Video duration: 7:22

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Quang Ly (Male 1) - Student

Female 1 - Receptionist

Mark (Male 2) - Prometric Test Center Administrator

Female 2, Male 3, Male 4


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[music playing]

On-screen: [Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators® (GACE®) logo]

Welcome to Your Computerized GACE® Testing Experience

Narrator: In the following few minutes, you will see a preview of what to expect when you visit a test center to take a Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators — or GACE — computer-delivered assessment.

On-screen: [Male 1 Enters]

Female 1 (Receptionist): Good morning.

Male 1: Hi. I'm here for the GACE test.

Receptionist: Yes, may I have your name please.

Male 1: Quang Ly

Receptionist: Thank you. And do you have a photo ID?

Male 1 (Quang): [Reaches for ID and hands to FEMALE 1] Yes.

Narrator: Upon arrival, you will be required to present a valid photo ID with your name, signature and photograph. Before you arrive at the test center, visit the GACE website at to review the ID requirements and the list of acceptable ID documents to be sure your documents will be accepted. If you do not bring acceptable ID documents, you will not be permitted to test.

On-screen: [Bulleted list appears onscreen showing Passport, Drivers License, State or Province ID, National ID, and Military ID. GACE Web Address appears at bottom]

Narrator: You will need to have registered online in advance of your test date at Testing accommodations are available for test takers with disabilities or health-related needs. Please visit the GACE website for more information about requesting accommodations.

Some testing facilities are located at colleges and universities, and others at business technology facilities. These facilities are independently operated, but adhere to standards set by Educational Testing Service. Facilities operated by Prometric typically have lockers where you can store your belongings. Centers with "STN" in front of the test center number are educational institutions or professional testing sites just like Prometric. Lockers are not a requirement at these centers, but some do provide storage facilities.

On-screen: [Quang walks over to locker and stores cell phone, jacket, and backpack, locks locker, and returns to desk. Female 1 explains form on clipboard and hands to Quang.]

Narrator: Please note that you are NOT allowed to bring food, drinks, cell phones or your own scratch paper into the test room. Tests that require a calculator have a calculator built into the test software, so you do not need to bring your own calculator. All you will need to keep with you is your ID. You will not have access to any other personal items during the test, so please plan accordingly. Test centers are not responsible for your personal belongings.

On-screen: [Quang is seen sitting in waiting room with several other test takers waiting with clipboards.]

Female 2: Mr. Ly, will you come with me please.

Quang: Sure.

Narrator: After presenting your ID, you will be escorted to an area where a Test Center Administrator — or TCA — will conduct the check-in procedure.

On-screen: [Female 2 escorts Quang to a desk where he is greeted by Male 2. Quang and Male 2 shake hands.]

Male 2 [Mark]: Hello. Welcome to Prometric. My name is Mark and I'll be your test center administrator today. Do you have your ID please?

On-screen: [Quang hands ID to Mark who enters info into computer; a computer camera is seen and a computer screen image of a fingerprint, followed by a computer screen image of Quang.]

Narrator: This procedure is designed to assure fairness and ensure that the person taking the test is the real candidate. ID verification may include photographing or some other form of electronic ID confirmation. You will be required to write and sign a confidentiality statement and a test-taker roster.

On-screen: [Quang signs a paper handed to him by Mark]

Mark: OK, during the course of your exam, if you have any questions all you need to do is raise your hand and myself or one of my fellow TCAs will come and help you.

Narrator: The TCA will explain the testing procedures and rules that apply to your test and answer any questions you may have. You will be provided with everything you will need for your examination, including pencils and scratch paper to use during the test, and a headset if it's necessary for your test. Noise-canceling headphones are available at all Prometric test centers, and earplugs may be available at other test centers. If you require noise-canceling headphones or earplugs during your test administration, your TCA will provide them for you.

On-screen: [Mark hands Quang two pencils and displays several sheets of bright pink scrap paper.]

Narrator: You will be asked to show that your pockets are empty and you may be scanned with a hand-held metal detector prior to entry into the testing room in order to ensure test security.

On-screen: [Male 3 is seen displaying that his pockets are empty. Mark approaches with handheld metal detector and scans Male 3 head to toe.]

Narrator: You will be escorted to your assigned test station.

On-screen: [Quang appears at door of testing room and is shown to his station by Male 4.]

Narrator: The first screen you will see contains your personal data and your photo. If this information is correct, click "Continue."

On-screen: [Quang is seen in front of computer screen and clicks mouse. Several screens are seen with text.]

Narrator: You will be shown several information screens culminating with a confidentiality statement. Clicking "Continue" signifies you agree to the terms.

Next, you will be presented with General and Testing Tool Information that includes instructions on navigation and how to answer various question types. Here you will learn how to mark questions so you can come back to them later during the test.

On-screen: [Graphics include various computer screens with titles such as General Test Information, Testing Tool Information, Review Information, English Language Arts Subtest Directions, Table of Information and the Periodic Table of Elements. Camera zooms in to a close-up of the clock in the upper right-hand corner of screen.]

Narrator: There are directions at the beginning of the test or test section. Some additional resource information, such as math reference material or the periodic table, is also available for some tests. Tests that require the use of a calculator have one built into the test software.

Your examination clock will begin when you start the actual test. The clock will appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. If you find it distracting, you can use the "Hide Time" button to turn the clock off.

A TCA will periodically walk through the test area.

On-screen: [Male 4 is seen walking through test area and checking on students.]

Narrator: If you have a question during your test, simply raise your hand and the TCA will come to you.

On-screen: [Quang removes headphones and raises hand and is seen discussing with Male 4]

Narrator: The test centers are equipped with video cameras and these images are continually monitored by the TCA.

If you are taking the combined version of a test, you can take a 10-minute break between tests. The single tests in GACE assessments do not offer a scheduled break. If you choose to take a break during a single test, you should take no more than 10 minutes because the test clock does NOT stop for unscheduled breaks.

On-screen: [Quang leaves testing room, presents his ID and signs paper at desk leaving and returning.]

Narrator: If you do take a break, you will need to take your ID with you. You will need to sign out when you exit the testing room and back in again when you return. You may not bring any other materials with you when you leave the testing room. The TCA may conduct another electronic scan and ask you to show that your pockets are empty when you return from your break.

On-screen: [Mark is seen scanning Male 3 who once again displays that his pockets are empty.]

Narrator: At the end of the test, you will be given the option to report or cancel your scores. If you choose to cancel your scores, your scores will NOT be reported and you will NOT receive a refund. Canceled scores cannot be reinstated.

On-screen: [A computer screenshot appears with heading: Report or Cancel Scores.]

Narrator: When your test session is complete, bring everything back to the check-in area. After turning in all of your scratch paper and signing out, you can retrieve any personal belongings you may have stored prior to entering the testing room. The TCAs will do their best to make your testing experience as smooth and stress free as possible.  If you have questions at any time, please do not hesitate to ask the TCA for assistance.

On-screen: [Quang exits testing room and returns headphones, pencils, and scrap paper to check-in desk. Quang signs out and retrieves his belongings from locker.]

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