Chapter 4 – Help Screens


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On-screen: [Computer-Delivered Testing Demonstration. Chapter 4 – HELP SCREENS.]

On-screen: [Testing Tools.]

Narrator: Chapter 4, Help Screens. The Help button takes you to the Help screens. Here you can find information on testing tools, how to scroll, general directions, section directions and other resources that are available, depending on which test you're taking. Note, the test clock does not stop when you are using the help function. Testing Tools explain how the navigation functions work.

On-screen: [Questions Requiring a Single Answer Choice.]

How to Answer gives instructions on how to answer a specific type of question such as single answer questions, questions that require more than one answer choice, word, sentence, and passage selection, drag and drop, selecting a box.

On-screen: [Select and Move Text/Objects.]

On-screen: [Selecting a Box.]

On-screen: [How to Scroll.]

How to Scroll explains that in questions that scroll, you must be sure to scroll down to the bottom so that you see all of the answer choices.

On-screen: [General Test Information.]

General Directions gives you information such as the timing of the test, breaks, use of scratch paper. Most combined tests have a scheduled break in between tests. All other tests have the option of an unscheduled break. Note that timing for the test does not stop during an unscheduled break. It is recommended that you take no more than 15 minutes for an unscheduled break.

On-screen: [Part A. 90 Selected-Response Questions. Suggested time – 120 minutes.]

Section directions give you the amount of time you have for the section. Directions for answering the questions, information about what your score is based on, and guessing.

On-screen: [Testing Tools.]

The Return button takes you back to where you were before you clicked Help.

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